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SpaceX Expands Starlink Project to the US Public



The Starlink satellite Internet project from the space company SpaceX is something truly amazing in all parameters and aspects – in particular, from the point of view that the project allows you to extend Internet coverage even to those regions of the Earth that do not have the minimum necessary infrastructure base for the very internet connections. And today, the project management announced that it is gradually releasing the project from closed internal testing and offering its users fully open beta access to satellites, for which it is necessary to conclude an official contract with the company and pay about $ 100 per month.

Such a contract for satellite Internet connection is offered to residents of the United States, who can acquire a whole set of Starlink equipment for a specified amount, which includes a special satellite module that directly connects to specific Starlink satellites in space, a Wi-Fi router that connects to this satellite module, and which must be installed inside the building, to transfer the connection.


It is worth noting the important fact that SpaceX has fully prepared for this moment and presented its users and fans with a special type of Internet router, which, after initial configuration, further configures itself and adjusts the appropriate operating mode, depending on the bandwidth. Which, by the way, will vary from 80 to 150 Mb / s, which is a really good indicator by the standards of home Internet in the United States. On the other hand, SpaceX already has some additional plans in this regard.

It can be assumed that in the future, the Starlink project will become even more widespread and multifunctional in many parameters, and therefore we should expect something truly unique and unusual in this aspect – thus, at this point in time, the SpaceX leadership continues to develop the main line to increase functionality and secondary capabilities projects for a stable and relatively high-speed Internet even to the poorest and most vulnerable world regions and zones.

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