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Sources: OnePlus leaves one of the founders to create a new company



Karl Pei (left)

In 2013, OPPO employees Pete Lau and Carl Pei founded their own smartphone company called OnePlus. For seven years, they jointly led the company. Pete Lau is CEO and Karl Pei is CEO of OnePlus Global and CEO of OnePlus Nord. Under their leadership, OnePlus has made great strides, evolving from a little-known Chinese manufacturer to one of the market leaders. And today, October 13, it became known that Pei decided to leave the company for a new project.

The fact that OnePlus has lost one of its founders was reported by TechCrunch, citing sources familiar with the situation. According to them, Karl Pei left the company and is going to create his own company. True, what exactly will be engaged in his new firm, insiders did not specify. It is only reported that he has already begun negotiations with potential investors.

Carl Pei has replaced Emily Dai, CEO of OnePlus India, as head of the OnePlus Nord product line. In their new position, they will report exclusively to Pete Lau. There were rumors that Pei did not leave of his own free will, but was fired. But the company allegedly wants to save “face” and therefore it is possible that it will call his departure a mutual decision. One can only guess about the true reasons for the dismissal.

It should be noted that so far the information about Karl Pei’s departure has not received official confirmation. The press service of the Chinese manufacturer declined to comment, but did not refute the rumors. However, Pei’s official LinkedIn and Twitter pages still indicate that he works for OnePlus.

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