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Soon you will be able to watch Instagram stories via Facebook




Ecosystems from various devices, applications and services are extremely popular today, because it is really extremely convenient. Initially, the trend for ecosystems was set by the well-known corporation Apple, but now other tech companies are trying to create a single ecosystem of their various products. And as it became known recently, one of these companies is Facebook. The fact is that users of the aforementioned social network a couple of days ago suddenly discovered for themselves that from now on they can view stories from those you follow on Instagram directly through the main application of social Facebook.

Be that as it may, this innovation should not be very surprised, because this tech giant has been allowing and very actively encouraging the so-called cross-posting of stories from Instagram to Facebook and vice versa for quite some time. Such cross-posting, in turn, very well contributes to the development of its own version of such a content format as Stories. And so, this time, Facebook management decided to go even further, launching an initiative as part of a beta test, in which Instagram stories can be immediately viewed from Facebook.

You can find out that you can view Instagram stories of a friend on Facebook thanks to the color of the user’s profile photo. In Facebook Stories, the circle will be blue, while Instagram Stories will be pink. And no, you shouldn’t think that this will somehow affect your privacy. As stated by Facebook, this change will not in any way affect who can see your Stories. Your posts will only appear to those Facebook users who have linked their account to Instagram and are indeed your followers.

However, in the event that you do not want your Facebook friends to see your stories, you can turn off this feature in the application settings. One way or another, if you trust the words of the official representative of the company, it is far from the fact that this function will still get to the release, because so far it has been launched only in the format of strictly limited testing. He also, again, additionally focused on the fact that in any case, the innovation takes into account all existing privacy settings as much as possible. So if this initiative gets to release, then there will be no doubt about its safety.

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