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Sony will have to sell the PlayStation 5 cheaper than planned. The price of the Xbox Series X and S is to blame.




Recently, Microsoft introduced the Xbox Series S – a junior new generation console worth $ 299. In parallel, the company announced that the older console, Series X, will be available for $ 499. The announced price prompted Sony to retaliate. As reported by GameReactor, citing its own sources, the Japanese company intends to reduce the cost of the PlayStation 5.

According to the portal, right now the platform holder is considering selling the digital and standard versions of the PS5 for $ 399 and $ 499, respectively. At the same time, before the announcements from Microsoft, the Sony console should have cost “much more expensive”… The GameReactor source did not give exact figures, but it can be assumed that we are talking about amounts exceeding the above-mentioned ones by $ 100-200.

Probably, precisely because of the announcements of a competitor, the Japanese company decided to postpone the announcement of prices. Previously, the well-known UK store GAME hinted in no uncertain terms that pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 were due to open this week. However, apparently, Sony has decided to adjust its plans.

Meanwhile, insider and Venture Beat reporter Jeff Grubb believes the digital PS5 won’t pay off even if it sells for $ 500.


The GameReactor portal, by the way, has already published truthful leaks with reference to its own sources. For example, about Far Cry 6 and Gotham Knights.

Official information regarding the exact release date and price of the PS5 has not yet been received, but the latest data hint at November 20.

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