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Sony unveils third generation Wena fitness tracker

by Henry Brown


Sony has introduced the third generation of the Wena fitness tracker, which attaches to a conventional mechanical watch.

There are several versions to choose from: with metal, leather and silicone bracelets. The sensor itself, in comparison with the previous version, has become 30% smaller in volume and 2.5 mm thicker. The tracker with leather and silicone strap can be used without a watch.

The display is touch-sensitive, monochrome, displays the date, the number of steps taken, and also sends notifications. In addition, the fitness tracker is equipped with a heart rate sensor and can withstand a drop from a height of 90 cm, the moisture protection of 5 ATM is declared.

On a single charge, Wena will work for a whole week. The fitness tracker is also suitable for sleep tracking and contactless payments.

Where to buy and how much does it cost?

The bracelet is available for purchase in Japan. Whether it will appear on sale in other countries is unknown.

The version with a brown leather strap will cost 30,000 yen, with a black “premium” leather strap – 32,000 yen, with a silicone strap – 24,000 yen. These versions are suitable for mechanical watches with a 22 mm mount.

As for the metal bracelets, I have not found any compatibility information anywhere, but I assume that they will also work with watches with a 22mm mount. Sony Wena with a silver strap will cost 33,000 yen, and with a black “premium” strap – 35,000 yen.

If you don’t have a watch, it’s not a problem: Sony offers a series of designer bracelet watches that cost from 58 thousand yen.

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