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Sony unveils new PS5 interface

by Henry Brown

Today, October 15, Sony officially published a video, in which it spoke about the new interface for the PlayStation 5 and the main innovations that will be implemented at the release. The developers themselves focused on the fact that a gamer’s time needs to be spent wisely, so absolutely every function of the interface was created according to this concept. For example, special cards with screenshots, progress and achievements of a gamer appeared above the main console menu. Directly from these cards, you can continue to play or run a secondary penalty on top of the game to study the information you need.

It should be noted that the cards have a separate “Events” menu, which will display various activities and tasks – you can go to them directly from this menu. In addition, the estimated time required to complete the task will also be displayed there, plus screenshots and video recordings with tips. But the tips will only be available to those users who have subscribed to the PS Plus service. And, best of all, all the clues can be displayed on top of the gameplay, so you can go through puzzles or especially difficult parts of the location at the same time as studying the videos.

Sony unveils new PS5 interface


Naturally, the interface design was slightly redesigned – cards with games were rounded, when you select a game card in the lower right corner, progress and earned achievements are displayed, and the settings menu was made more convenient. Now you can adjust the volume, microphone operation, see notifications and online friends right in the menu. A fundamental change can also be called the redesign of the store – now the PS Store is part of the overall interface, and not a separate application.

It is worth recalling that the start of sales of the next generation PlayStation 5 console is scheduled for November 19.

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