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Sony Unveils Demon’s Souls Launch Trailer



Today’s launch of the PlayStation 5 in the US and Japan heralded the launch of some of the big projects promised at launch. So, a few hours ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Bluepoint Games presented the Launch Trailer of the Demon’s Souls remake.

The launch trailer shows familiar locations and some bosses in a new look with redesigned graphics and 4K support.

For those who are not familiar with the Demon’s Souls universe: the original game was released back in 2009 in Japan. Demon’s Souls immerses the player in a fictional world, similar in architecture to medieval Europe. The player will have to fight the demons generated by the cursed fog, defeat the most difficult “bosses” and accumulate “souls” to enhance his character, in order to ultimately fight the main boss – The Old One.

Game features on PS5 promise stunning visuals, faster loading times (useful in a game where a character dies at almost every turn), improved haptic communication thanks to the DualSense gamepad, and 3D sound for immersive gaming.

Demon’s Souls will be available in Russia, Europe and some other countries on November 19 when PS5 sales begin. Recall that the console can already be pre-ordered in two versions: with a floppy drive and Digital Edition.

Source: Sony PlayStation

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