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Sony to phase out PlayStation 3 and PS Vita games from PS Store




With almost a month left before the launch of the next generation of consoles, Sony continues to prepare for changes in its ecosystem. Retailers Push Square and Planete Vita are reporting that the PlayStation Store will receive an update before the end of October. It will remove PS3 and PS Vita games and will only be available for purchase on those devices.

Avatars and themes will reportedly be removed as well, but you will be able to access purchased content at any time. The PS5 will go on sale November 12 in the US, with a global launch scheduled for November 19, so it’s only logical that Sony will decide to overhaul its store. So far, we still haven’t seen what the PlayStation 5 user interface looks like, nor its features.

Sony recently unveiled a complete disassembly video of the PS5, showing all the construction details. The most noticeable feature is the rather massive cooling system with a heatsink and liquid metal.


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