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Sony PlayStation 4 has a “time bomb” that can turn the console into an “expensive paperweight”



The famous blogger, modder and hacker Lance McDonald drew attention to a feature that is available in the Sony PlayStation 4.

According to the source, the trophy system in the Sony PlayStation 4 requires the internal clock on the console to work correctly. This is to prevent users from changing the date and time on the PS4 to simulate an earlier prize or achievement.

MacDonald emphasized that if the battery of this PS4 watch “dies”, then “all your games will also die.” If the system clock is reset to zero, then the only official way to correct it is to connect to the PSN. In principle, replacing the battery and connecting to the server is easy. However, worried messages have already begun to appear on the network that if Sony decides to abandon PSN, then the console will turn into a “brick” or “expensive paperweight.” It’s hard to imagine Sony will close PSN right now, but enthusiasts were worried.

Initially, Lance McDonald reacted to a message on the Does It Play page, which said that if the clock battery runs out (and it runs out), then all the files on the PS4 will become useless without connecting to the server, and discs will stop playing on the PS4. The latter was of particular concern to the public.

However, MacDonald suggests that Sony can fix the problem by updating the system software on the set-top box, but does not think that this will happen soon.

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