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Sony plans to start production of drones as part of the Airpeak project



The Japanese company Sony is targeting the consumer drone market. The electronics manufacturer unveiled the Airpeak project today with a fifteen-second video and a short press release.

The management’s decision to gain market share is not thoughtless given that Sony is one of the leaders in compact, mirrorless cameras. Therefore, the combination of the two technologies can attract the attention of bloggers, filmmakers and other users who are not indifferent to shooting videos.

The press release, published on the company’s official website, says that “the development of drones has led to an increase in the efficiency of the workflow in a wide variety of areas of activity,” and Sony itself will try to contribute to the development of drone engineering by introducing imaging technologies and 3R (Reality , Real-time and Remote).

But declaring and presenting a project does not mean becoming a full-fledged market participant. One has only to remember the experience of the GoPro company, which tried to squeeze the DJI manufacturer in 2016 with the release of the Karma quadrocopter, but failed. Although comparing GoPro and Sony in terms of capabilities and production capacity, of course, it makes no sense.

While Sony is just getting started in that direction, you can take a look at quadcopters and drones from other manufacturers.

Source: engadget

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