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Sony learned self-irony and laughed with the players of Spider-Man Remastered



It’s nice if the largest game publisher can not only understand and admit a mistake, but also laugh at their miscalculation together with everyone. Sony experienced self-irony and laughed at itself along with the players of the remaster Spider-Man.

In 2018, the original Spiderman game was released and became the first game to support HDR and 4K resolution on the new PlayStation 4 Pro consoles. As usual, there were some rough edges. Almost immediately, players began to explore the open world of the game and found amazing characters. You can reach them with a few spider steps and be horrified by the appearance.

However, this is not the main villain in the game, who must be defeated in the final battle. No, this is a simple NPC that floats on a boat near the coast. He’s just too harsh.

With the release of the fifth generation consoles, Sony released a new part of the game, and also updated the graphics of the first part. And, the most curious decided to check the studio for lice, so they went for adrenaline to the same coast.

And, what would you think – old friends are back. Moreover, with a message from the developers “Did you miss us?”

Even more curious people rushed to check out the joke in the new Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but there the boats became autonomous and controlled without scary people.

Source: twitter

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