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Sony has released a new mobile application PlayStation



Sony has introduced a new PlayStation mobile app. It can already be downloaded for iOS and Android.

An updated interface and a number of new functions have been added to the program. For example, now it is possible to use voice chat (“Parties”) directly from the application. You can also exchange messages within PSN. And the PS Store has become part of the app, not a web page as it used to be.

PS Messages is built into the PS App so you don’t have to switch between them to chat with friends. PS Messages will no longer be available as a standalone app. All existing messages and user dialogs will be transferred from PS Messages to the updated version of the PS App.

It is possible to remotely download games and add-ons to PS4 or PS5. In the “Overview” tab you can see the official news from the game developers and publications in the PS Blog.

In addition, the new application has close integration with the PlayStation 5. It will be possible to remotely launch games, manage the console memory when free space runs out, and quickly log into an account on the system.

Earlier, a new web version of the PlayStation Store became available in Russia. What interesting things have appeared there, you can read in our material.

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