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Smartphones have already replaced wallets for many, and now they will replace car keys



The number of possible scenarios for using a smartphone continues to grow over the years. For many, the smartphone has already replaced the wallet, and soon it will also replace the car key.

South Korean company Samsung said it has partnered with several automakers, namely Audi, BMW, Ford and Genesis, to allow Galaxy S21 series owners to open their car doors with their phone as they approach their vehicle.

Samsung said that it uses a digital key to send short pulses between the smartphone and the paired car, opening the door as soon as you approach it. This is done using UWB technology, but NFC can also be used by touching compatible smartphones to the car’s handle.

The Galaxy S21 +, Galaxy S21 Ultra, and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra support UWB for more accurate location tracking and find my car augmented reality. The Galaxy S21 does not include UWB, although you can still unlock your car by touching it to the NFC receiver on your car’s door handle, just like you do in a payment terminal.


It is logical to assume that other Samsung smartphones with the NFC module will receive this function in the future. However, the source writes that this technology will not be exclusive to Samsung smartphones; over time, this feature will be supported by many models of cars and smartphones from different manufacturers.

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