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Smartphone iPhone 5c was in the list of obsolete



Apple has announced that it has added the iPhone 5c model to its obsolete list.

“Apple” smartphones are included in this list if not a single copy of this model has been sold for five years. This happened with the iPhone 5c.

The model appeared in 2013 as a budget version of the iPhone 5. The device was powered by the A6 chipset, had a 4-inch display and a single main camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels. iPhone 5c was the first in the history of the Cupertino giant to receive five colors at once: white, blue, pink, green and yellow.

What happens to such smartphones? Service centers may refuse to repair and any other type of maintenance for smartphones that are on the list of obsolete ones.

According to Apple, in 2022, the iPhone 5c will join the ranks of out of service gadgets. From this moment, the service of the smartphone will stop completely.

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