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SK Hynix Introduces First Commercially Available DDR5 Modules

by Henry Brown


The Korean company SK Hynix has unveiled the first commercially available DDR5 memory modules. For now, they will only be used in data centers.

The capacity of one plank reaches 256 GB. Data transfer rates are from 4.8 to 5.6 Gbps per pin, which is almost twice as fast as DDR4-2400. At the same time, the speed of the DDR5 standard can reach 8.4 Gb / s. The operating voltage of the modules is reduced by 11% – to 1.1 V, which reduces heating and power consumption.

Since SK Hynix released the world’s first DDR5 DRAM, the company could lead the future technology trend in the global DRAM market. ”- Jonghoon Oh, executive vice president and director of marketing for SK Hynix.

The new modules received support for the improved ECC error correction system. SK Hynix said the planks are up to 20 times more reliable than previous generation solutions.

DDR5 desktop RAM is not expected to be available until 2022 at the earliest. LPDDR5 is already used in smartphones, but this is a less productive solution with reduced power consumption.


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