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Shaolin master showed the movements of the Mortal Combat fighters live




Mortal Kombat fighting simulator is the most popular product of the gaming industry in this genre. The first part of the series delighted gamers back in 1992. After that, 17 more parts saw the light, many of which were perceived by users with a bang. Moreover, a number of players became fans of the game to such an extent that they began to imitate virtual idols.

Shaolin master demonstrated the movements of the Mortal Combat fighters live (video)

YouTube blogger with the nickname Ranton reiterated the movements of his favorite fighters live during the introduction and after the battle. In addition to a simple demonstration, the video also contains a cognitive component – the author not only shows the movements, but also introduces them to their real names. In general, see for yourself how it looks when performed by a real person:

Ranton, a little-known blogger in our area, is a Shaolin master. Therefore, he repeated only those movements that can actually be performed with a certain preparation. Comparing with virtual characters, we can confidently note the responsibility of the creators to realism, where the movements in certain types of martial arts practically coincide with the existing ones.

Shaolin master demonstrated the movements of the Mortal Combat fighters live (video)

Remarkably, this video did not bypass one of the founding fathers of the franchise, Ed Boone. On his Twitter account, he flattered the author, calling him a martial artist. Ed also noted a good video editing.


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