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Seven Reasons Why iPhone Is Better Than Android Smartphone



We recently identified seven good reasons why an Android smartphone is better than an iPhone. But in fact, Apple smartphones have many advantages over the “green robot”. We at have highlighted the main advantages of the iPhone and are ready to share our opinion with you.

Reason # 1: iMessage


Perhaps the biggest iPhone feature that Android smartphones don’t and won’t have is the proprietary messaging platform iMessage. The proprietary messenger synchronizes contacts and watches on all Apple devices (yes, correspondence will always be at hand), uses end-to-end encryption and has a lot of interesting features, including Memoji support. IPhone owners can chat via iMessage over Wi-Fi (the cellular operator won’t charge you to send a message), share high-resolution videos and photos with each other, and even send money via Apple Pay.

Reason # 2: beautiful widgets

For a long time widgets remained an exclusive feature of Android smartphones, but recently Apple decided to take over this feature from Google and, admittedly, did it beautifully. IPhone owners have several kinds of widgets of different sizes for applications that they can place anywhere on the home screen. You can stack widgets on top of each other, letting iOS decide which one to show you at a certain point in time, depending on the scenarios for using your smartphone.

Reason # 3: fast connection of wireless headphones

Yes, it may seem strange to some, but for us this advantage of the iPhone over Android smartphones is obvious. Connecting AirPods to iPhone is a breeze. Not only that, you can use the same AirPods not only with your iPhone, but also with your Mac and Apple Watch without having to reconnect each time. Here again, we need to praise Apple for its ecosystem. Yes, Android device makers like Samsung are trying to recreate this experience, but so far their attempts have not been successful.

Reason # 4: stable updates

One thing Apple cannot be blamed for is updating the software of its smartphones. iPhones receive regular iOS updates that include not only bug fixes, but also new features. Moreover, all compatible iPhones are updated simultaneously. Plus, Apple has been supporting its smartphones for quite some time. So, the current iOS 14 received all devices, starting with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which were released in 2015. that is, five years ago. And they were able to update everything at one time immediately after the release of the new version of the OS. Android device owners can only dream about it.

Reason # 5: no malware

What kind of malware? Longtime iPhone users might ask this question. Malware is malware. But whatever you call it, it’s not on the iPhone, everyone knows that. But the owners of Android devices worry about viruses from time to time, as well as various pre-installed software, for example, which is installed by cellular operators before selling a smartphone. Yes, these programs can be hidden or removed in just a few minutes, but this obviously spoils the whole experience.

Reason # 6: quick recovery and setup

If we compare iPhone and Android smartphone in terms of speed and convenience of backup and restore, then the victory is clearly for the former. It also takes a few minutes to set up a new iPhone. Just log into your Apple account, click on the “Restore” button in iCloud and, voila, after about 20 minutes, all data and settings from the old device are transferred to the new iPhone. Plus, every night, iPhone (if it’s connected to Wi-Fi and charging) backs up to iCloud.

Reason # 7: support

Perhaps no other manufacturer has such a support service as Apple. The iPhone manufacturer offers its customers a huge number of services for the repair and maintenance of their devices, and support specialists are available 24/7. Yes, it is possible that in Russia it will not yet be possible to fully experience all the delights of the Apple service in the absence of official Apple Stores, but it cannot be denied that the quality of user support, regardless of where it is located, remains at its best.

The dispute between iPhone and Android smartphone users will be eternal. Both the one and the other camp have weighty arguments in their favor, especially considering that technology is not standing still and manufacturers regularly add new chips to their smartphones. Therefore, only you can decide which platform to choose – iOS or Android. Each will have a decent list of advantages and disadvantages.

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