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Self-driving flying Cadillac will be able to land and take off vertically



General Motors has unveiled a new futuristic self-driving car, Cadillac, which is capable of flying and transporting passengers by air.

The self-driving Cadillac will be able to land and take off vertically, according to Reuters. According to one of the company’s executives, the new concept car is “rethinking the future of personal transportation.”

The flying Cadillac from General Motors can carry only one passenger and is technically more like a drone with four propellers that are located in different planes. As conceived by the authors, a flying Cadillac will be able to move even in the conditions of heavy traffic in a metropolis, flying from roof to roof. The maximum speed will be 88 km / h.

In addition to being fully unmanned, the flying Cadillac is also fully electric. A storage battery with a capacity of 90 kW • h will be installed in it. You can watch a video demonstrating the prototype here.

Back in 2020, General Motors executives said the company was exploring alternative transportation options, including air taxis.

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