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Scientists are working on a “perpetual” graphene battery



Despite the fact that graphene has been known to mankind for over half a century, its features began to be taken seriously only in 2005, when it was possible to synthesize it in the laboratory. After that, 5 years later, scientists were able to create a meter sheet of graphene, which allows the material to be used for industrial purposes. It is now known that experts from the University of Arkansas were able to go even further in their research.

Scientists have managed to find in graphene an infinite source of energy, which is already called the “eternal engine”. Scientists have found that current occurs only at room temperature. After the experiments, it was possible to obtain thermal motion, which is converted into electricity. The voltage is low, but some electrical parts do not require it.

It is also known that over time, graphene will be able to replace silicon in the manufacture of processors, experts say. After the results of this study were published, the probability of such processors became much higher. Because processors require a constant power supply, it is likely that graphene will be able to do so in almost unlimited quantities at low voltages, which will make another revolution in the computer technology market. It is likely that graphene will also be used in the manufacture of sensors, sensors and other not very energy-dependent small devices, as the scheme allows you to best power devices of this type.

Now researchers consider the miniaturization of this technology as the main task then its more widespread application will be possible. Researchers are also working to solve the problem of maintaining direct current in capacitors.

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