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Samsung will increase production of foldable smartphones Galaxy Z Fold 2

by Henry Brown


Samsung has decided to diversify production of its second-generation foldable flagship smartphone, according to online sources. According to reports, the bulk of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 smartphones will be produced at the Samsung plant in Brazil, and about 20% of the devices will be assembled in Vietnam.

With an expected price of around $ 2,000, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 foldable smartphone is unlikely to generate buzz in emerging markets such as the Brazilian one. However, the start of production of a flagship model in the country could fuel interest in it. The source says that the production facilities of Samsung’s Brazilian plant will begin to be used to build the Galaxy Z Fold 2 next month. Despite the fact that the final decision on this matter was made only now, this step could have been foreseen earlier, especially after the recent visit of Samsung vice president Lee Jae-youn to the Brazilian enterprises of the company.

Thus, the bulk of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will be produced in Brazil, while about 20% of the devices (approximately 150 thousand units) will be produced by the company’s plant in Vietnam. The source says that in total, Samsung expects to sell from 700 to 800 thousand Galaxy Z Fold 2 by the end of this year. It is also possible that some of the orders for the supply of the new folding flagship will be fulfilled by the South Korean factories of Samsung.

All of this could mean that the flexible display segment is growing steadily. This is supported by the fact that Samsung would hardly have gone to major changes in the structure of mass production of flagships, if it was not profitable, and if the growth in demand for products in this category was not recorded. According to the source, in the fourth quarter of this year, sales of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 could reach 500,000 units, giving Samsung additional revenue of $ 1 billion. This looks very impressive, especially considering that the market for foldable devices is still in the stage of formation.


Officially presented on August 5, Galaxy Z Fold 2 will be fully announced tomorrow as part of the Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 event. Obviously, some time after the presentation, Samsung will start accepting pre-orders for the new flagship, and it will be available for sale in mid-September.


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