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Samsung NEON Artificial People Coming Soon to Smartphones



One of the more unusual products unveiled during CES 2020 was NEON, a project developed by Samsung’s STAR Labs. As it turned out, the project continues to evolve, although the pandemic has definitely thwarted the developers’ plans. According to Pranav Mistry, President and CEO of Star Labs, NEON is already on his smartphone and is in the testing phase ahead of launch.

In short, Samsung NEON is digital copies of people.

According to the promises of the developers during CES, neons will be able to maintain dialogue, express emotions, move on the screen, learn new movements, and they will also remember and learn. This is not a familiar voice assistant that meekly fulfills the user’s requirements, but rather a companion or digital friend. In fact, the project has a lot of opportunities. You can read more about this here.

Recently, Pranav Mistry tweeted pictures of the digital panels that NEON worked on. The well-known Ice universe insider asked when the project will start working on smartphones.

In his reply, Pranav Mistry said that NEON is already working on his smartphone and is in the testing phase. The president of Star Labs has promised that other users will be able to see artificial people on smartphones before Christmas.

It is not yet known whether the project will be implemented within specific smartphone models, whether it will be exclusive to Samsung models, or whether the product will be released to the masses. We are waiting for news.

Source: slashgear

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