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Samsung “killed” the long-lived smartphone Galaxy M41, but by the end of the year will please with a couple of Galaxy M models




According to the source, Samsung has not yet formed a line of Galaxy M smartphones for this year. Even though the Galaxy M41 appears to have been canceled, the company is preparing a couple of models that will likely be out before the end of the year.

Let the Galaxy M41 be canceled, but it will be replaced by … the Galaxy M42. This model goes under the catalog number SM-M425F and will receive 128 GB of flash memory. The second model will be the Galaxy M12s with catalog number SM-M127F. There are no technical details about the second model yet, but it will be a real budget model with corresponding characteristics.

This information is presented by the resource about Samsung smartphones under an exclusive sauce, which means that they are confident in this data and the source that merged them is quite reliable.


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