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Samsung is preparing new SD cards for the PRO Plus line

by Henry Brown

When it comes to the need to use the most versatile and fast memory cards possible, it becomes clear that Samsung continues to be the memory card manufacturer that continually sets trends and new goals in this market segment. And today the company proudly presented a new line of its SD memory cards for SLR cameras and other similar portable equipment – the line has already received the name Samsung PRO Plus and will be replenished with the first two SDXH and SDXC SD cards, each of which is aimed at its own portable equipment and which can surprise with its speed.

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that Samsung engineers managed to increase the read speed in SDHC format to 100 MB / s and write speed to 90 MB / s, which is a really impressive figure in comparison with many third-party offerings on the market. Similar indicators for its SDXC format demonstrate the level of 60 Mb / s and 100 Mb / s, which is also a good result, especially considering that the technical process of creating these cards at Samsung has significantly decreased.

Such figures clearly hint at the fact that both SD card divisions in the new Samsung PRO Plus line perfectly and seamlessly support the most popular shooting modes on DSLR cameras and at the same time should also cope with 4K recording and transcoding, although, of course, specific performance and write speeds are still pending for demo. On the other hand, Samsung has long had a reputation as a pretty responsible manufacturer in this sense.

It is not yet clear when exactly these new SD-cards from Samsung should arrive on the international market – however, most likely it will happen before the end of this year. So far, it is only known that the end user will be offered a volume of 32 to 256 GB of memory, but in the future this list will certainly expand and offer something even more surprising. Samsung is also silent about its intentions regarding pricing policy, but one can guess that the company will most likely try to strike a balance between the cost and functionality of the cards.

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