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Samsung has released a new SmartThings Find app



Given the fact that many users are somehow tied to their mobile devices – and by mobile devices one can understand not only smartphones themselves, but also various kinds of portable accessories – it becomes clear that even their short-term loss within a small enclosed space becomes even more annoying and restless moment. That is why today a talented team of software engineers from Samsung decided to present their new application called SmartThings Find, which allows the user of any latest generation Galaxy smartphone to quickly find a lost accessory.

The app itself, in a sense, is built on a more classic Samsung technology approach called Find My Mobile, which is the ability to detect a Galaxy smartphone within a short distance, provided it is turned on.

However, there are many obvious weaknesses in this approach, such as a potential disconnection of the smartphone or the need to find some kind of Samsung accessory, such as wristwatches and fitness trackers. That is why the new SmartThings Find application comes into force, since on the one hand it uses the technology to detect a weak Bluetooth BLE signal, and on the other hand it uses the Ultra-Wide Band technology, which essentially turns all Galaxy smartphones around the user – including switched off ones – into a kind of signal receivers that, depending on their current status, send back different signals, which allows the user to find their device, even if it is far away or turned off.

However, it is still too early to talk about the specific degree of usefulness and functionality of this new application from Samsung, for the simple reason that not all users have yet properly tested its capabilities – and the Samsung SmartThings Find application, by and large, allows you to detect Galaxy smartphones and accessories. from Samsung even at a fairly decent distance. So for now, it remains to wait for the final user feedback regarding the application and its real capabilities.

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