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Samsung has released a new fitness watch Galaxy Fit 2



Many fans of fitness bracelets and trekking watches in general can breathe freely today, as Samsung actually kept its promise and presented the interested public with the opportunity to purchase its brand new model of sports fitness watch Samsung Galaxy Fit 2. It is significantly redesigned compared to the first an iteration of the fitness watch model, the Galaxy Fit 2 has truly unique functionality tailored for a sports mode of operation, and also boasts unique properties.

Among such properties, it is worth noting especially the presence of an IP68 water resistance rating in combination with 5ATM protection, which is expressed in the ability to submerge the device to a depth of 50 meters without any fear of its further performance – of course, the user is unlikely to be able to scuba dive with the device however, visiting sports pools and other water sources will not be a problem. The device can be charged in just a couple of hours and can hold a charge for up to 15 days with medium-intensive use.

Of course, we don’t even have to say that the model of the Galaxy Fit 2 wrist watch has improved accelerometer and gyroscope technology, can even more accurately monitor the user’s breathing, blood circulation and sleep patterns, and also copes with trekking various sports activities, which is a very attractive moment for the vast majority of users interested in buying.

Moreover, the device itself is now available for $ 60 and supports almost any third-party Android smartphone, not just Galaxy smartphones. With the AMOLED display technology and such a low price, it becomes clear that the device can be extremely useful and interesting for the most demanding users, not to mention the category of buyers who are just looking for the most inexpensive and versatile device for tracking your physical activity and sleep patterns.

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