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Samsung has explained the differences between Galaxy Buds + and Galaxy Buds Live



The company has published an infographic.

Galaxy Buds + headphones were released almost 9 months ago. In August, Samsung also introduced the Galaxy Buds Live in-ear headphones. The company has now published an infographic showing how the two pairs differ from each other.

According to the Korean company, both accessories provide “excellent sound quality”. Note that Buds Live has ANC, but Galaxy Buds + does not.

Galaxy Buds + and Galaxy Buds Live also have different charging cases and different colors. Due to the unique form factor, the battery capacity is also different, although Samsung promises the same battery life – about 21-22 hours of playback.

In common, both models of headphones have two external microphones.

There is another significant difference that Samsung did not mention in its official infographic – it’s price. Galaxy Buds Live costs 199 euros / 179 pounds / 169 US dollars. Galaxy Buds + is 20% cheaper (depending on the market).

It will be recalled that Samsung is preparing to release Galaxy Buds Beyond wireless headphones to replace the Galaxy Buds +.

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