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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has difficulty replacing display and battery



PBK Reviews has released a video detailing what was discovered during the teardown of the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone. The S21 Ultra teardown was posted just a week after PBK posted its Galaxy S21 teardown review.

The video shows some interesting features of the flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone. The camera block is made of metal, just like the body of the device. It is held by glue on the glass panel and should be significantly stronger than the glass camera blocks of previous Galaxy S models. Since this is the international version of the S21 Ultra, the phone does not have mmWave antennas, but antenna slots are present in the case.

A close examination of the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s three cameras also revealed that they all have OIS support to improve image quality. The S21 Ultra also uses graphite internally for the NFC antennas and the motherboard for better heat dissipation efficiency.

In addition, the sound system design of the Galaxy S21 Ultra showed some significant differences from the Galaxy S21. The speaker at the top of the unit is not insulated to improve sound performance. In addition, the Galaxy S21 Ultra does not have a detachable screen cable, so replacing the screen will be quite difficult, as well as the battery.

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