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Samsung Electro-Mechanics May Sell Its Wi-Fi Business Unit This Month



Samsung Electro-Mechanics intends to sell its wireless business and many parties have expressed interest in acquiring it.

Since the Korean tech giant put the division up for sale, according to a recent report from South Korea. The buyer will be able to obtain the rights to sell Wi-Fi modules from Samsung Electronics. In addition, the buyer will acquire not only the Samsung Electro-Mechanics Wi-Fi business, but also more than 100 employees. The deal is also likely to allow the buyer to sell Wi-Fi modules to Samsung’s own mobile business. This appears to be a great prospect for potential buyers, as they will acquire not only the business itself and its employees, but also one of the largest customers in the mobile segment.

The reasons for this decision may be the low profits of the division. And since Samsung has been consistently pursuing a cost optimization policy since the beginning of this year, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčoutsourcing some of its production to a third-party company does not look so bad. For Samsung. On the consumer side, such savings could ultimately lead to Samsung becoming an Asian “Apple,” with no earbuds or charger in the box. This may well happen already with the Galaxy S21 series. More details here. In the meantime, Samsung devices can be purchased at reasonable prices and with a complete set. DNS directory link.

Source: sammobile

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