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Samsung Display expands production of OLED and QD-OLED panels



According to the source, Samsung Display (SDC) is looking to expand its QD-OLED TV or IT OLED production facilities located in South Korea.

The company has decided to withdraw from the LCD TV market and is discontinuing production of LCD TV panels.

It allegedly replaced its LCD TV panel equipment with an OLED line designed for 6G (1500 x 1850mm) substrates at its L7-2 plant. This line will produce small and medium-sized panels for IT. Also, part of the equipment for the production of large-size LCD panels at the L8-1 plant was dismantled. The vacated space is used to house a QD-OLED TV panel production line. Its capacity will be 30,000 substrates per month.

The production capacity of QD-OLED panels on the L8-1 is equivalent to one million 55-inch and 65-inch TVs per year.

SDC plans to squeeze the equipment used to make the LCD panels from the Chinese company BOE Technology or China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT).

Since there is still room on the L8-1, SDC will either expand its QD-OLED TV panel production facility or create an OLED production line designed for 8.5G (2200 x 2500mm) substrates.

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YouTube has a new option for children to listen to music safely



Google is expanding the possibilities of supervised accounts so that parents can implement them in new applications.

Just like YouTube, you can now set your children to use YouTube Music under your supervision.

Children can have supervised access to YouTube Music

Last year, Google launched a new option for parents to moderate the content their children watch on YouTube. A dynamic called “experience or supervised account”, available to children under 13 years of age who have a Google account managed with Family Link.

This allows children to access a version similar to the YouTube app, or its web version, but with content and functions that have been previously configured by parents. Yes, it’s like a traditional version of YouTube, but supervised.

And now this dynamic, Google wants to extend to YouTube Music. As mentioned in Android Central, YouTube sent an email saying that supervised accounts will receive more features and apps. And among them, the possibility of adding YouTube Music.

That is, children with supervised accounts will be able to use the YouTube Music app to listen to their favorite artists, songs, create playlists, etc. All this under the supervision of their parents, so they can decide in advance what content is appropriate for their child, what exceptions will be imposed, etc.

So it follows the same dynamic that is used on YouTube, so that children have their own YouTube Music account and build their library within the limits set by their parents. Of course, keep in mind that YouTube’s system isn’t perfect and may not cover all content that would be considered inappropriate for children, so daily parental supervision is still expected.

On the other hand, along with this update, the Google team also mentions that supervised accounts now include YouTube video logins and playback on TV.


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YouTube will have an option to loop your favorite part of the video



YouTube is preparing a new option that will allow you to loop some interesting part of the video, without having to repeat all the content.

A dynamic that will use the chapters of the videos so that you can repeat your favorite part without doing any extra action.

YouTube prepares more options to view videos

One of the options that we find when we play a video is the possibility of jumping to a specific chapter. A dynamic that is possible thanks to the fact that YouTube allows creators to divide the video into sections, to make it easier for users to go to the part of the content that interests them.

And it seems that YouTube wants to further enhance the advantages offered by videos divided into chapters. As mentioned in AP, YouTube is working on a new dynamic: looping video chapters.

At the moment, you can’t see this feature in any version of the YouTube app, but it’s clear from the APK code analyzed by the YouTube team. Xda Developers. Although YouTube has the option to repeat a video in a loop, this new dynamic would allow you to choose a chapter to play in a loop.

An interesting dynamic if we are taking notes, following a tutorial, preparing a recipe, etc. This would save us from constantly rewinding the player or watching the video again. It would only be a matter of choosing the chapter of the video that we want to play in a loop and that’s it.

For the moment, this option would work like this in theory, since we will have to wait for it to be implemented to see its real operation within the app. So we’ll have to wait to see if YouTube follows this work in progress to add this feature, or if it falls by the wayside like so many other options that don’t make it past the experimental stage.


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Bruce Campbell mocks Spider-Man 4 production on Twitter; look!



Through his social networks, actor and producer Bruce Campbell decided to play a prank on his childhood friend Sam Raimi, showing how the director of the original trilogy of Spider man did to raise money for a possible fourth film in the franchise.

With the intention of implicating scammers who use social networks, through fake profiles, to get money with supposed fundraising campaigns, Bruce Campbell, from A crazy night, decided to impersonate Raimi to raise funds and supposedly produce spiderman 4, a feature that has been highly requested by fans since 2007.

In the meme, the account of “Sam Raimi the Director” asks for US$ 1500 in iTunes gift cards to continue the project of spiderman 4 and signing “Tony Maguire” to the main cast after “Kevin Fiegey” cut seed funding.

The image has been getting a good laugh on the internet both for the false reference of Kevin Feige and Tobey Maguire and for the boldness of the scam, so to speak, which satirizes the possibility of a mega Hollywood production being paid for with Apple coupons.

Check out the publication below:

“Man, this Sam—always reaching out to people for money. I’m going for it because I love Tony Maguire,” Campbell wrote.

What did you think of Raimi’s plan? Is it just like that for one day to see a sequel to his trilogy? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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