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Samsung discontinues popular smartphones




Samsung’s products occupy various niches in the mobile device market, where both inexpensive models equipped with appropriate technologies and flagship devices “stuffed” with the most modern components are presented. In other words, the manufacturer is doing everything to win the hearts of the maximum number of consumers. However, recently, the South Korean brand has radically changed the path of further development.

Samsung discontinues Galaxy Note smartphonesA couple of days ago, an article was published on the well-known portal Gizchina, where it is said about “farewell to Galaxy Note”. The SamMobile resource, the report of which they refer to, was the feat of the authors’ conclusions. From the conclusions of the last portal, it follows that the classic series “S” will remain in the production line of Samsung, as well as smartphones of a folding form factor, the rest of the models “go down in history.” Some specialists are alarmed by this decision.

Samsung discontinues Galaxy Note smartphonesBy the way, the next generation Galaxy S will finally be equipped with the S-Pen stylus. True, this feature will not be available to owners of the standard version, because the stylus will become part of the features of only the Galaxy S Ultra. This moment indirectly makes it clear that Samsung is counting on the “S” series in the future. Now it’s time to get back to the main topic.

According to the latest sales data, the Galaxy Note significantly outperforms the clamshell in terms of profitability. Since the launch of the Galaxy Note series, about 10 million units have been sold each year. Apparently, the developer is betting on the future, in the hope of a surge in demand, for the yet unclaimed folding form factor of smartphones.

Samsung discontinues Galaxy Note smartphonesThe special UTG polymeric films used as a protective material for bendable displays will soon be produced at Samsung factories in the amount of 600,000 panels per year. This figure is planned to be increased to a million in the future.

If the Samsung team has employees who know how to “look into the future”, then the decision is quite understandable. But the fact that even a million panels are less than the Galaxy Note series smartphones are selling today, the idea seems somewhat adventurous. However, the managers of the South Korean IT giant probably know what they are doing. So, only time can confirm the correctness of the decision.

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