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Samsung cuts production of Galaxy Note 20



Samsung made only 70 percent of what it planned to produce in October. This is reported by the PhoneArena website, citing sources. Despite the brisk start, it seems that the success of the model was not very long.

According to the report, Samsung originally planned to ship 900,000 units of the Galaxy Note 20 series last month, but ended up producing 600,000 units.

Does the Note 20 Ultra look more interesting than the standard model?

Sources claim the Galaxy Note 20 to Note 20 Ultra production ratio in October was roughly one to two. Higher performance obviously influenced the demand for the top model.

Note 20 Ultra

While both models share similar specs, the Note 20 Ultra has a more premium design, as well as more advanced camera specifications, faster screen refresh rates, a larger battery, more storage and microSD card support. The low sales can be attributed to high prices for flagships, as well as economic instability due to the pandemic.

Low sales of flagships could lead to early release of Galaxy S21

According to unofficial statistics from M Science, Galaxy S20 shipments were 50 percent lower than the Galaxy S10 in the first seven weeks of sales. Apparently lower-than-expected sales led to the release of the Galaxy S20 FE. It also looks like Samsung will launch the Galaxy S21 earlier than expected to make up for the lost sales of the flagship series.

The company has already warned that it expects revenue to fall in the fourth quarter, in part due to stronger competition. While shipments of the Galaxy S20 seem disappointing, the series has made the largest contribution to global revenue from 5G-enabled devices. The company currently dominates sales of fifth-generation smartphones, but analysts believe Apple will soon take over with the iPhone 12 series.

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