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Samsung Considers Removing Headphones From Galaxy S21



However, as a bonus, serious discounts are planned for the new Galaxy Buds Beyond wireless headphones.

Samsung Electronics is considering removing the included earbuds from the smartphone’s packaging to cut costs. And to compete with Apple in the wireless headphone market, the company plans to introduce the new Galaxy Buds Beyond TWS headphones. A strategy is also being discussed to merge the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Buds Beyond on an ongoing basis. Those. when buying a smartphone, the headphones will either be offered free of charge or at great discounts.

The appearance of the Galaxy Buds Beyond is currently unknown, but according to available information, they will be improved Galaxy Buds Live, with a redesigned design. The Galaxy Buds Beyond is expected to improve water resistance, battery performance and sound quality over its predecessor. It is possible to improve the degree of water resistance from IPX2 to IPX4, which will match the Apple AirPods Pro headphones.

Source: gsmarena

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