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RTX 3080 video card surprised by unexpected malfunctions




The latest recently released version of the video accelerator from Nvidia in the person of the RTX 3080, although it is a promising card in terms of its parameters, still has rather controversial points regarding its work. The fact is that many users, who have already become happy owners of this card, suddenly discovered to their surprise that they actually faced a fairly obvious lottery, which is that some of the current copies of the card on sale have rather weak capacitors. It was about this problem that many users began to actively report after the first sales began.

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that the problem has already been identified, and this is the first serious step towards determining the most appropriate range of solutions and opportunities for its elimination. Some of the working capacitors on the RTX 3080 graphics card are directly responsible for the voltage operation of both the board itself and its individual elements, so these capacitors are the most important of all. It is worth noting the fact that Nvidia prepared preliminary diagnostics for a rather lengthy and careful way in order to determine whether the problem really lies directly in the capacitors, and according to the results of the latest testing, it turned out that this is indeed the case.

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080, on the other hand, is a product of a level where these kinds of mistakes and flaws are absolutely not allowed, and therefore one can imagine how this problem will affect the future reputation of Nvidia.

However, at this point in time the company is actively preparing to completely eliminate this problem in subsequent releases of the card and subsequent sales until the end of October, because if this is not done, then the main competitor in the person of AMD may well turn this situation to its advantage. … It remains only to wait for the final conclusions and expert opinions on how critical and indicative this problem is, and whether any additional points are hidden in it.


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