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Rostelecom proposed to block DNS addresses of Google and Cloudflare



According to RBC, Rostelecom, in its letter to macro-regional branches sent on September 8, sent a proposal to prohibit access to public DNS addresses “in order to organize stable access for subscribers to the Internet.” We are talking about blocking public DNS addresses Google ( and and CloudFlare ( and, as well as the DoH protocol. The latter is used to encrypt web traffic – when using it, operators providing the user with access to the Network cannot track which sites the subscriber visited. In other words, DoH allows you to visit the resources prohibited by the regulator.

Instead of public DNS servers, Rostelecom proposes to use its own DNS servers and or IP addresses of the National Domain Name System (NDNS). According to a representative of Rostelecom, the proposals made are works “aimed at increasing the reliability and optimization of the operation of communication networks.” In fact, blocking public DNS will greatly simplify the regulator’s control over the Internet.

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