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Roku regains access to NBC Peacock




After several months of lengthy and rather heated disputes between Roku and NBC Universal, most of the streaming service with all the offers and programs of the second company will still be present on the streaming platform of the first company – this was announced today by the management of the Roku company, noting also several additional details. It’s worth noting that Roku has been talking a lot lately that it intends to somehow resolve its dispute with Comcast – which owns NBC Universal – as it has a fairly popular set of programs and offers among Roku subscribers.

However, both companies had to go through a really lengthy and controversial controversy and debate regarding the establishment of certain distribution conditions for NBC Peacock that would be a compromise for both of them. The Peacock block itself is that popular set of programs and shows that Roku users and subscribers wanted to regain, but faced the problem that Roku itself could not agree on suitable terms of cooperation with NBC Universal.

Now it seems that this problem has been completely resolved, and soon the full set of programs, as well as some additional programs from NBC, will fully return to the screens of Roku subscribers. It is worth noting the fact that at the moment Roku is also optimizing its relatively old devices, so that the final return of the specified set of programs and shows will be possible only after it finally understands all the features and aspects regarding this optimization process.

Of course, it has some other problems in relation to the development and promotion of its streaming service, however, it is worth noting the fact that Roku is likely to go for slightly different strategies in this regard, not to mention that the company seeks to develop more own shows as opposed to many third-party options. It remains to await the finalization of the optimization preparations and the return of the full suite of NBC Peacock streaming software, which is likely to take place next week.

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