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Roccat unveils Burst series of gaming mice




German computer peripheral manufacturer Roccat has unveiled two Burst gaming mice. The most interesting of these, the Roccat Burst Pro was the company’s first gaming mouse to feature the Titan optical switches used in its Vulcan Pro and TKL Pro keyboards.

According to the manufacturer, the Burst Pro mouse registers keystrokes up to 100 times faster than other mechanical gaming mice. In addition, optical switches last much longer than conventional ones. Their declared resource is 100 million clicks.

The mouse has received a symmetrical ergonomic shape with a unique design of the cover in the form of a honeycomb. The latter perform two functions at once. Firstly, in this way the manufacturer has reduced the weight of the “rodent” to 68 grams, and secondly, with active RGB backlighting, they perform an aesthetic function.

The novelty is based on the Roccat Owl-Eye optical sensor with a resolution of 16,000 DPI (dots per inch), support for 50G acceleration and a maximum speed of 400 IPS (inches per second). Also, the mouse is equipped with built-in memory that allows you to store user settings.


The Roccat Burst Pro measures 3.87 x 5.80 x 12.00 cm. The PhantomFlex soft-braided cable is 1.8 m long. There are two body colors to choose from: black and white. The manufacturer estimated the Roccat Burst Pro at 50 British pounds (about 5,000 rubles). The novelty will go on sale on October 20.

In addition to Burst Pro, Roccat has also introduced the more affordable Burst Core model. It is priced at 25 British pounds (about 2500 rubles) and is equipped with a PixArt sensor (PAW3331). The latter has a resolution of 8500 DPI (dots per inch) and a maximum speed of 300 IPS (inches per second).

The Roccat Burst Core also uses Titan’s proprietary 100-million-click optical switches and has onboard memory with profile support. But unlike the older version, it is devoid of RGB backlighting. The dimensions of the novelty are 3.87 × 5.80 × 12.00 cm, the weight is the same 68 grams as that of the more advanced model.

Roccat Burst Core will go on sale November 16.


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