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Review of budget headphones Realme Buds Air Neo: characteristics, price, features

by Robert Adams


Realme has been presenting Buds Air, its first TWS headphones, for a long time, and now a simplified model called “Realme Buds Air Neo” is available. We were immediately interested in this model, because it offers a good design and characteristics at a really affordable price.

Features Realme Buds Air Neo

  • Chipset: Realme R1
  • Autonomy without taking into account the case: 3 hours of music, 1.5 hours of conversation
  • Autonomy taking into account the case: 17 hours
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Charging connector: microUSB
  • Codecs: AAC, SBC


I think everyone agrees that TWS-headphones perform not only their direct role, ie headphones and headsets, but also a fashion accessory, if they look beautiful (this is a trend, and it was set by Apple in 2016, releasing the first generation of its TWS-headphones AirPods).

Realme Buds Air Neo, Apple AirPods 2

In this respect, Realme Buds Air Neo does not disappoint, as their design, frankly, is very similar to the aforementioned AirPods from Apple. However, this design can be called successful, so Buds Air Neo looks very good, especially considering their price. The only thing I don’t like about Realme Buds Air Neo, as well as Apple AirPods, is the glossy plastic, which is incredibly easy to get dirty, scratch, etc., which can cause your headphones to lose their original look in a very short period of time. This is especially noticeable in the white version, which we have in review.

Charging case

In TWS headphones, this is always a separate parameter, and Realme Buds Air Neo is no exception. The case of these headphones is small, neat, pleasant to the touch, and I would like to praise the reliable magnets, because the headphones are really strong inside, and we can not say that in order to pull them out, you need to make an effort.

The only, in my opinion, a noticeable disadvantage of these headphones can be seen just below the case – the microUSB charging connector, which is clearly outdated. At the same time in the more expensive version of these headphones, Realme Buds Air, USB-C is installed, so the company distinguishes between older and younger models. For me personally, this is a critical setting, as I have completely switched to USB-C and it is sometimes really difficult for me to find a microUSB cable because I almost never use them. That’s why I personally would choose the older model, but if you still have everything on microUSB and it’s not critical for you, the connector is clearly not a reason to refuse to buy these headphones.


Realme Buds Air Neo uses its own R1 chipset, which is designed primarily for quick connection to a smartphone, and everything works smoothly – the headphones connect quickly after opening the case and the connection is stable, which is especially pleasing given their price. However, it is worth noting that sometimes the headphones can connect to your device during the pairing is not the first time.


Realme Buds Air Neo proved to be really good in terms of autonomy, as the headphones were enough for three hours of listening to music at medium, closer to high volume, as stated by the manufacturer. The charging case allows you to charge the headphones four more times, which gives a battery life of about 15 hours in total. This result can really be called good, given the price of headphones. Charging from zero to one hundred percent takes a little over an hour.

Sound Realme Buds Neo

Honestly, I didn’t expect anything special from Realme Buds Air Neo, considering their price, and I heard about the sound I expected – an emphasis on treble, while the bass is pretty bad. Unfortunately, this is the standard for affordable TWS headphones, so I’m not surprised, but I’m glad that the high ones do not cut the ears, as is often the case with inexpensive headphones.


Realme Buds Air Neo are really good as a headset, to be honest, they managed to exceed my expectations in this regard. The interlocutor can hear well, he can also hear you well thanks to the noise reduction system during the conversation.

Gestures and clever chips

To configure Realme Buds Air Neo, there is Realme Link, which allows you to choose which gestures are responsible for what (for example, double tap calls the voice assistant, triple tap – the next track, hold tap – pause / play, and so on for both headphones). The only thing that is unpleasant in this program is the mandatory registration process, but it is very common in such programs.


Realme Buds Air Neo headphones can be called a very good option for their price, because they have only one really significant disadvantage in the form of a microUSB connector, and cost about $ 36. For their price, they can clearly be called if not the best, then one of the best options for buying.


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