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Retro console emulator built into SNES controller



Reddit user Josh0O0 published the process of collecting the portable version of SNES in the case from the original controller of the set-top box. The handheld LCD console and Raspberry Pi runs on Pinky Pi X.

He used the body of the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System for assembly. As the filling of the console, the craftsman chose a bundle of Raspberry Pi Zero and the Waveshare GamePi 15 module. This module has a display with a diagonal of 1.54 inches and a resolution of 240×240; 12 buttons including XYBA and D-pad; speaker; 3.5mm jack, etc.

The main work was to prepare the body of the SNES gamepad. The author disassembled the controller and, with the help of an engraver, removed all the protruding elements used to fix the motherboard. After that, it was necessary to fit the Raspberry Pi and GamePi to fit. For this, the author cut off various parts of the boards. For example, he removed the volume control from Waveshare and the HDMI port from the Raspberry Pi, and also shortened the GPIO pins.

The selected display from Waveshare GamePi has the ideal aspect ratio for older games – 4: 3. To connect it, the author had to extend the cable, and cut a hole in the controller case for mounting.

Another big change is the power handling of the portable console. By default, the Waveshare GamePi is powered by a 14500 cylindrical element, which would not fit into a controller case. The author replaced it with a 600 mAh lithium polymer battery. Josh0O0 left a micro-USB connector to charge it.

The author placed all the elements in the controller case, and used the original board to mount the controls, speaker and battery.

For the console to work, the author installed Pinky Pi X with a built-in SNES emulator and a driver for the Waveshare display.

The entire process of creating the console Josh0O0 recorded on video and published on the Restore Technique channel.

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