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reDiscover the 10 best tech products of 2021 reDiscover the 10 best tech products of 2021


(re)Discover the 10 best tech products of 2021



Despite the big impact of the current health context on the technology industries, the latter have not stopped innovating. In particular, they have been able to develop, over the past year, many more efficient devices with a myriad of practical features. Among the myriad of products launched in 2021, here are, in our opinion, the 10 best ones that are worth checking out.


iPhone 13: the most impressive smartphone of 2021

Apple continues to assert its leading position in the production of high-end laptops. In 2021, the American firm launched its brand new smartphone model: the iPhone 13. What appeals more to users with the latter is the battery life which is a little longer. Added to this are high-performance sensors to take impeccable photos. In addition, the iPhone 13 takes over the characteristics of the previous models. Indeed, it has an intuitive interface and privacy and security controls.

Hisense U8G: a television that frustrated more than one in 2021

For those looking for a TV with excellent image quality, know that the Hisense U8G is the convincing model. It is designed with an OLED display and one of the most capable panels available on the market today. In addition to this, the manufacturer has included HDMI 2.1 ports for support of HDR+ and Dolby Vision standards. The icing on the cake, the sale price offered is affordable, which makes it very accessible.

iPad 2021: Apple’s 10.2-inch tablet

As for tablets, the firm bearing the image of the apple has not been idle either, in this case thanks to its 2021 iPad, a 10.2-inch tablet, which constitutes a powerful concentrate of technology offered to a fairly flexible price. The manufacturer has integrated a new born in the world of processors (the A13 chip) as well as a basic model with double storage. Although it doesn’t offer a lot of features like the iPad Air and iPad Pro, it still offers acceptable value for money.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max: a good streaming device

In 2021, Amazon also made an impression with its all-new Fire TV Stick 4K Max. It is a streaming device with a compact dongle that plugs directly into the TVs HDMI port. This allows access to all the streaming applications that currently exist. Another strong point on which this multimedia device stands out is its speed and its very affordable belly price. It is sold at only a few euros more than the previous model.

Apple’s 2021 14-inch MacBook Pro computer

The MacBook Pro 2021 is one of the most powerful computers that were presented in 2021. It is available in two models (14 and 16 inches) and runs on an Apple M1 processor. It is designed with an improved keyboard, an SD card reader and an HDMI port to connect it directly to a TV. With its remarkable features, the MacBook Pro 2021 will allow you to complete your tasks quickly and easily.

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Sonos Beam: a good quality soundbar

Soundbar equipped with Dolby Atmos technology, the Sonos Beam is a piece of equipment with good characteristics. It is a device that does not require too much space for its installation, but capable of producing an attractive sensation. You should know that the Sonos Beam has built-in support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant virtual assistants. Only small downside, it works with less powerful speakers, which gives an incomplete aerial effect.

The Nintendo Switch OLED: an amazing console

For this new model of game console, Nintendo is doing better than the previous version. As its name suggests, the Nintendo Switch OLED is made with OLED technology as well as an Ethernet port. This allows you to have a faster internet connection to access data on the device. The console also offers a larger capacity memory that can store enough files. On the price side, the Nintendo Switch OLED is sold at barely 50 euros more than the previous model.

Apple Watch Serie 7: the powerful connected watch

From a health point of view, the Apple Watch Serie 7 is the best smartwatch that appeared in 2021. It has a thinner bezel and a larger screen made with a modern design. Also, the Serie 7 is equipped with a heart rate sensor, GPS and a blood oxygen sensor. It also incorporates an accurate electrocardiogram that signals irregular heartbeats, an accelerometer, a compass and a gyroscope. In addition, it allows, like all other connected watches, to assess the quality of sleep.

Sony WF-1000XM4: great wireless headphones

If you are looking for wireless headphones with better battery life, this device may be of interest to you. The Sony WF-1000WM4 has a larger capacity battery than the XM3 and offers an excellent fit. It allows the user to make a total immersion thanks to its function which helps to suppress surrounding noises. On the other hand, its price could perhaps shock more than one.

Eufy RoboVac 15C Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This robot vacuum cleaner imposes itself as the best of the past year in terms of value for money. You can use it to rid hard floors and carpets of dirt. It is sold for less than 300 euros and offers very interesting features. As an indication, it is able to operate in hands-free mode when it is connected to a Wi-Fi network. The manufacturer has, however, provided a remote control if you wish to operate it yourself to perform household chores.


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But these new AMD processors already look much more interesting. AMD talked a little about Ryzen generation Strix Point



But these new AMD processors already look much more interesting

The Ryzen 8000U/H/HS processors may disappoint with the lack of any significant improvements, but these are not all the new products that AMD is preparing for the 2024 model year. The Strix Point line will be much more interesting.

But these new AMD processors already look much more interesting.  AMD talked a little about Ryzen generation Strix Point

According to AMD’s slides, this line will also be released next year. It is not yet clear under what name, but based on the principle of naming the company’s processors, it should be Ryzen 8050, where the eight will indicate 2024, and the five will represent the Zen 5 architecture.

Yes, these will be mobile processors based on the new Zen 5 architecture, which should already make them much faster than current APUs. In addition, the iGPU of such processors will be built on the RDNA 3+ (or RDNA 3.5) architecture, but it is not yet clear what improvements it will bring.

But these new AMD processors already look much more interesting.  AMD talked a little about Ryzen generation Strix Point

If the Ryzen 8000U/H/HS has increased performance by 60% relative to the Ryzen 7000U/H/HS, then the Strix Point will be three times faster.

According to early leaks, Strix Point, unlike the Ryzen 7040 and Ryzen 8040, will have up to 12 processor cores, and the Strix Halo line will offer up to 16 cores, but these will be APUs of a completely different level. Also, Strix Point processors were previously credited with iGPUs with 1024 stream processors versus 768 for the Radeon 780M. Strix Halo will supposedly have 2560 stream processors, which is more than a number of Radeon desktop video cards.

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One of the most senseless changes in processor generations, and this time from AMD. Mobile Ryzen 8000U/H/HS presented



One of the most senseless changes in processor generations and

AMD will present new Ryzen 8000 mobile processors today as part of the Advance AI event. Materials from the presentation have already appeared on the Internet, so the new products are fully revealed to us.

One of the most senseless changes in processor generations, and this time from AMD.  Mobile Ryzen 8000U/H/HS presented

The new generation is called Hawk Point and, unfortunately, it is almost no different from the Ryzen 7040 line. In fact, models with the corresponding names, for example, Ryzen 7 8840HS and Ryzen 7 7840HS, either differ slightly in frequencies or do not differ at all in basic parameters . There are the same Zen 4 processor cores, the same iGPU based on the RDNA 3 architecture, the same number of cores, cache memory, and so on.

One of the most senseless changes in processor generations, and this time from AMD.  Mobile Ryzen 8000U/H/HS presented

In fact, the only update worth mentioning is the new Ryzen AI core for working with artificial intelligence. If the Ryzen 7000 has such a unit with a performance of 10 TOPS, then the Ryzen 8000 has 16 TOPS. The increase is very large, but the problem is that so far there is absolutely no place to use it.

One of the most senseless changes in processor generations, and this time from AMD.  Mobile Ryzen 8000U/H/HS presented

Thus, the transition from Ryzen 7000U/H/HS to Ryzen 8000U/H/HS can be called one of the most minor and insignificant in all recent years from AMD.

It remains to be added that laptops with new APUs will hit the market in the next quarter.

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Microsoft will extend the life of Windows 10, but only if you pay



Microsoft will extend the life of Windows 10 but only

Microsoft has decided to slightly extend the life of the Windows 10 operating system for corporate and ordinary users. Although the end of support date for the OS will not change, Microsoft just announced that it will offer extended security updates for Windows 10 after October 14, 2025.

Microsoft will extend the life of Windows 10, but only if you pay

Generated by the Midjourney neural network

This will allow those who are unable to upgrade to Windows 11 or purchase a new device running Windows 11 to continue using the operating system safely.

The Extended Security Updates program requires a one-year subscription with an option to renew for three years. It is worth keeping in mind that the program only covers critical security updates and will not bring new features. Prices have not yet been announced.

Unlike the Windows 7 program, Microsoft is offering the Windows 10 Extended Security Updates program for regular consumers, not just businesses, companies, and organizations.

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