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Red Dead Redemption will receive next generation ray tracing and graphics



Attentive users have already noticed hidden messages from Amazon about the upcoming remake of the first part of Red Dead Redemption. Now the information has received plausible confirmation and new details.

Amazon accidentally opened access to the pages for pre-ordering the Red Dead Redemption: The Outlaws Collection. And then he closed it.

But everyone knows that nothing can be removed from the Internet. Therefore, interesting details about the upcoming remasters for the next generation consoles appeared on Twitter.

Rockstar has already released a patch to support Red Dead Redemption 2’s backward compatibility on PlayStation 5, so players can enjoy the game, but with graphics for legacy consoles. As for the new collection, the studio decided to rework the first part of the game, which was released ten years ago. It will be completely redrawn, as well as new missions and quests will be added to link the plot with the history of Red Dead Redemption 2.

As for the changes in RDR2, the developers limited themselves to information about ray tracing support, as well as improved performance on consoles with SSD.

More details should be available at The Game Awards on December 10.

Source: twitter

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