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Realme has set a goal to sell 100 million smartphones annually

by Henry Brown


The dynamically developing Realme brand intends to strengthen its presence in the smartphone market and start selling products in new regions. This was announced by the executive director of the company Li Bingzhong (Li Bingzhong).

Realme was founded on May 4, 2018, China’s National Youth Day. Many of the company’s devices are targeted at the young audience. In addition, Realme offers headphones, fitness bracelets and some other products.

Realme has remained one of the fastest growing smartphone brands in recent quarters. The company’s devices are represented in more than 60 countries and regions. In the ranking of the leading smartphone suppliers, Realme is now ranked seventh.

Over the next two years, Realme intends to enter new markets. The company expects to bring the supply of smartphones to 100 million units per year. At the same time, Realme plans to enter the list of leading players in a number of countries, including Russia.


Finally, the Realme executive said the company will focus more on smart IoT products. Obviously, we are talking about wearable gadgets and smart home devices.


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