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Realme first introduced an affordable and standalone toothbrush




For several more than two years, Realme has existed in the electronics market as an independent brand, the range of which is largely represented by smartphones. Although there is not much variety in products, managers actively strive for this. This is expressed by the release of atypical Realme devices, one of the latest of which is the M1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush.

Introduced the first Realme brand toothbrush - M1 Sonic

An irreplaceable hygiene item has a built-in LEBOND electric motor, which provides vibration in the amount of 34 thousand vibrations per minute. Directly antibacterial brush also from a third-party manufacturer – Dupont company. Enclosure protection meets IPX7 level. In other words, the device will remain viable even after half an hour of immersion in water. The Realme toothbrush should work on a single charge up to 90 days, when used twice a day.

Introduced the first Realme brand toothbrush - M1 Sonic

Depending on the sensitivity of the teeth and goals, the wearer can use four modes. Let’s say, if your teeth are very sensitive to external influences – delicate. Not experiencing obvious problems – everyday. The remaining two modes are bleaching and polishing.

The Realme M1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush is expected to start selling in India for $ 28. The delivery start date is 10 September.


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