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Razer Seiren Mini – compact solution for large streaming projects

by Henry Brown

Most of the game streaming players, in one way or another, often experience problems with the selection and use of really high-quality gaming equipment to improve the quality of their content. The choice of a high-quality and multifunctional microphone for these purposes is also not the easiest one, and therefore the current expansion of accessories from Razer in the face of the new Razer Seiren Mini microphone is becoming more suitable – especially considering that the new model does indeed justify its prefix Mini, with an extremely small footprint, yet impressive and stunning sonic functionality.

Razer itself has a really remarkable level of training and experience in building and manufacturing specialized gaming devices – including microphones. Its previous proprietary model, Seiren, quickly gained a high level of popularity among a wide range of users, and now its mini version will surely have a similar level of support. Moreover, taking into account the fact that the microphone can already be ordered at a price of $ 50, which is a real gift at such a price.

Firstly, the new device has a new system of internal noise cancellation, which successfully blocks extraneous noise at preset frequencies and tones, and secondly, the microphone supports a 14 nm condenser capsule, which automatically makes it one of the most efficient in the most critical situations. It remains only to wait for further software additions and improvements of this microphone, which will certainly not be slow to follow after its release, which took place today.

Razer as a whole strives to place an emphasis on being able to provide users with the most functional device possible at the lowest price possible in the smallest possible form factor. Razer’s executives have previously stated that they have a strong interest in developing and testing conceptually new audio technologies for use in off-the-shelf microphone devices. We can assume that in a relatively short time the company will present something even more interesting.

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