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Qualcomm has announced the date of the announcement of Snapdragon 875



Very soon this year will come to an end, and now is the time to wait for the announcement of the next flagship chipset from Qualcomm. It will most likely be dubbed the Snapdragon 875 and it looks like the company will stick to its usual schedule of new product launches.

Qualcomm sent out an invitation to the annual Tech Summit on December 1 and 2 today, October 5th. And although the Snapdragon 875 mobile platform is not mentioned in this invitation, it is safe to say that its announcement will take place, since the company has always presented its flagship chipset at the Tech Summit.

The letter, in which Qualcomm is sending out an invitation, refers to “premium mobile productivity.” Surely this refers to the Snapdragon 875. It looks like it will be the company’s most productive, powerful and most energy efficient chipset with support for 5G, which has traditionally debuted in the upcoming series of smartphones Samsung Galaxy S21 (or S30, according to some rumors) in February 2021.

According to the available information, the Snapdragon 875 will have several “light” versions, which should offset the increased cost of smartphones. Perhaps Qualcomm will also confirm this at the Tech Summit. It is noteworthy that last year the event was held in Hawaii, so the journalists who attended it had a chance to celebrate the end of the year in a tropical paradise. This time, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everything will take place online, but the invitation has an animated picture with the ocean.

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