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Qualcomm and MediaTek to start making affordable 5G chips

by Henry Brown


MediaTek and Qualcomm to launch cheap 5G processors

Many have heard more than once that 5G is the future. The new communication standard is expected to increase data transmission speed, reliability and stability with minimal delays and the Internet of Things. Many countries are in a rush to implement 5G networks and do not want to keep up with the trend of smartphone manufacturers. They are increasingly filling the niche of devices with support for fifth generation networks.

But if earlier the presence of a 5G modem was the prerogative of flagships and premium devices, now more and more such models appear in the mid-budget segment. And the appearance of budget smartphones with support for fifth generation networks is just around the corner. An important role in this will be played by chip manufacturers who will release affordable solutions for budget devices.

It is known that Qualcomm and MediaTek are preparing inexpensive 5G chips, the cost of which will not exceed $ 20. And there is reason to believe that their mass production will start in the very near future. For example, the American chipmaker created the sm4350 chipset with 5G support, while the Taiwanese company will have such single-chip systems within the Dimensity 600 series. You won’t have to wait long for smartphones with new hardware platforms. Their release is promised before the end of this year.

Analysts at IDC predict that by the end of 2020, the global 5G smartphone market will increase by 9.5%. This segment is growing most rapidly in China, and it is there that more and more affordable models with support for fifth generation networks appear. So, if in the third quarter of last year the average price of a 5G smartphone in the Middle Kingdom was about $ 711, this figure has already dropped to $ 464.

Source: gizchina

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