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Pulsar Accolade review – who needs thermal imaging binoculars and why



Toys for adult boys? Actually no, Pulsar binoculars are serious gadgets for professional hunters and people working in extreme conditions.

At Ayguides, we are always looking for interesting products that we can tell our readers about. And today we are focusing on probably one of the most unusual gadgets – the Accolade line of thermal imaging binoculars from Pulsar. Binoculars? But do they have anything to do with gadgets? Such – have, and what else. Thermal imagers are one of the most advanced and technologically advanced gadgets for hunters, gamekeepers, rescuers, as well as their capabilities are used by representatives of other professions associated with extreme conditions. For example, the captains of ships.

Thermal imaging binoculars are a category of premium products with prices ranging from one hundred to several hundred thousand rubles, so they are not suitable for everyone. Amateur hunters hardly need such advanced equipment, and the purchase can hardly justify their price. Rescuers and gamekeepers, for whom technical equipment directly affects work efficiency, is another matter. As well as professional hunters or hunters for rare animals, whose expeditions can cost tens of thousands of dollars. In such cases, there is a need for the best equipment and the most advanced hunting gadgets – and that’s when Pulsar enters the scene with its products. Moreover, it is the products under the Pulsar brand that are considered one of the best in professional equipment for hunters, and the full range of devices can be viewed on the website Pulsar-nv.

Pulsar Accolade

The model range of the brand includes both monoculars and binoculars. The latter are slightly more expensive and noticeably more massive, but benefit from using all the possibilities of human vision and work better for detecting small or weakly expressed objects, as well as for observing low-contrast scenes. In addition, observing with two eyes is less tiring over long distances. At the moment, the line of thermal imaging binoculars is represented by three models: the base one – Accolade, followed by its own version with a built-in laser rangefinder Accolade LRF and the newest one – Accolade 2 LRF. The first two have already been discontinued, but are still available for purchase in stores and will suit customers who are most sensitive to the cost of the device or do not need the most advanced features.

Pulsar Accolade

Considering the Accolade 2 LRF, it is worth noting the fast lens combined with the professional 40mK NETD sensor (640×480 pixels for high quality, detailed and highly informative images across the entire field of view), which provide outstanding detection capabilities. An object with a standard height of 1.8 m can be detected at a distance of 1800 m in complete darkness. The built-in laser rangefinder with a range of up to 1 kilometer allows you to measure distance in single measurements and continuous scanning modes with an accuracy of ± 1 meter. Accurate distance measurements allow you to quickly estimate area size, distance and terrain.

Pulsar Accolade

In their work, binoculars also relies on productive stuffing and image enhancement algorithms. In particular, this is the Image boost technology based on a combination of proprietary image processing algorithms that can improve image clarity and overall detail. This not only has a positive effect on how the image itself looks, but also helps in the correct identification of objects. In addition, the Accolade 2 LRF features an improved AMOLED display, with all the typical benefits of this technology. In particular, this is the highest contrast, rich colors, good behavior of the screen in the light, lack of luminescence of black pixels and energy efficiency. At the same time, the display maintains a high frame refresh rate (50 hertz), which gives a clear picture when the observer or the object of observation is moving quickly without blurring and plumes.

Pulsar Accolade

In terms of autonomy, the Accolade’s rechargeable power supplies run for up to 9 hours. At the same time, they are supported by quick replacement, so that, if necessary, hunters can have two or more batteries with them. And another convenient backup method of power supply is external power banks, the design of the thermal imager makes it possible to recharge the battery via microUSB, which allows you to provide the device with energy even when you are away from the outlet for a very long time. And from additional accessories for the Accolade 2 LRF, you can also purchase a wireless radio remote control, which makes it possible to fully control the thermal imager.

Pulsar Accolade

In its gadget-component Accolade vaguely resembles the use of action cameras and drones. The binoculars work independently, but can also connect to smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android via Wi-Fi, which adds ease of use, expands the functionality of devices and gives hunters opportunities that were not there before. In particular, this is the ability to monitor on an external screen with streaming images, broadcasting videos to YouTube live, instantly sending videos and photos from the binoculars built-in memory to a smartphone or tablet. In addition, when connected to a smartphone, the Accolade user gets access to convenient control of the binoculars operating parameters and timely software updates.

Pulsar Accolade

Among other features of Accolade thermal imaging binoculars, it is worth noting the presence of a digital zoom with a smooth approach of up to 8x and the ability to use it with a picture-in-picture function, when an enlarged image is displayed at 10% of the field of view for more accurate observations. Eight digital palettes are available for observation in different conditions: universal “White Hot”, “Hot Black” for detecting nocturnal animals, reducing illumination “Red monochrome”, “Sepia” for long distances, “Violet” for quick identification, and “Red Hot “,” Rainbow “and” Ultramarine “improve the display of temperature differences between different parts of the object. There is also a choice of observation mode: “Rocks” (high contrast), “Forest” (low contrast), “Identification” (improved detail of warm objects) and a custom mode with individual settings, when you can change the parameters depending on the situation. For ease of use, the brightness, contrast and backlight settings of the display, change in the interpupillary distance in the range from 56 to 71 mm are also responsible. There is also a function to turn off the display if it is necessary to briefly interrupt monitoring and increase the level of masking.


The bottom line is that the Pulsar Accolade line is a powerful and high-tech tool for professional hunters looking for the highest quality gadgets and equipment. The combination of a zoom and a laser rangefinder provides incomparably more possibilities than using a conventional night vision device or thermal imager when hunting at long distances or in difficult terrain. This is especially true for trophy hunting, when a responsible approach to finding a target, deciding on the suitability of an animal for shooting, measuring the distance and only then – shooting is required.

Source: Pulsar-nv

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