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Presented smart scales Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3



Huawei has introduced a new product – the Smart Body Fat Scale 3 for those who want to lose weight, monitor their weight and lead an active lifestyle.

This scale model analyzes 14 kinds of body information and synchronizes the information with your smartphone. Using an artificial intelligence system, it compares the user’s performance with those received from other people so that he can clearly see his progress. Also, recommendations are given that allow you to more effectively achieve the intended results. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection supported.

This scale was developed by Huawei in conjunction with the Hefei Institute of Material Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences – they created the Huawei TruFit technology, which allows you to accurately determine a variety of body parameters, including muscle mass, skeleton, water and subcutaneous fat.

Smart Body Fat Scale 3

The Smart Body Fat Scale 3 synchronizes data with the Health app on Huawei and Honor smartphones, which contains more than two hundred fitness programs for building muscle or losing weight. They can also work independently of a smartphone, showing both weight and BMI. You can measure the weight of different people – the scales memorize them and automatically recognize them at the next weighing. The Health application can collect statistics with changes in indicators for all family members. Data in the Health app is synced in the cloud and can be restored after resetting your smartphone or on a new device.

Smart Body Fat Scale 3

The scales are made of glass with metal elements, and the legs are silicone, non-slip. Measurement range – from 2.5 to 150 kg. For people under 18 and over 80, due to physiological characteristics, it is only possible to measure weight and body mass index, and data on the structural features are obtained inaccurate, therefore they are not analyzed.

Huawei will sell these scales in China for 169 yuan.

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