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Pre-orders for iPhone 13 with gifts and price indication began to be accepted in China even before the announcement



A few days ago, some Chinese retailers posted pre-order notifications for the iPhone 13, which could be ordered for 1 yuan when they received a smartphone charger as a gift. Now, Taobao has begun accepting pre-orders with a specific price and additional pre-order bonuses.

The indicated price ranges from $ 620 to $ 1400, and this is clearly not the full price, judging by Apple’s pricing policy in this country. The price of the older version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max in the country at the time of release was about $ 1900. It is likely that Taobao is offering to contribute most of the cost of a smartphone to ensure that it is among the first to receive the device.

The store also confirms that when you pre-order, you get not only a charger, but also a wireless charging station.

Before the presentation, the first photos of the iPhone 13 in the on state floated to the Web. Find out when and where to watch today’s iPhone 13 launch here.


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