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Post-apocalyptic turn-based game “Dreadlands” has got a free demo – you can download it on Steam



Fatshark and Blackfox Studios have shared a free demo version of their new post-apocalyptic turn-based game Dreadlands with players. In order to say it on your PC, you need to go to Steam and download the demo from the official page dedicated to the project.

As described in the press release, players will get in touch with the post-apocalyptic world, get acquainted with a rather impressive heavy arsenal, and will also repulse the numerous monsters and hostile gangs that have populated every corner of unfavorable lands.

The developers have added a cooperative. Players will be able to meet with each other often and interact with each other. But what’s even more interesting, a full-fledged PVP mode has been added to Dreadlands. So you can test the power not only with the AI, but also with other live players.

Stylistically, the game is reminiscent of the Borderlands series. Developers have promised more than 40 hours to complete the storyline. It looks interesting, but it’s hard to say whether the project will succeed in repeating the success of the first parts of Fallout.

Source: dsogaming

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