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PlayStation 5 Will Not Support 1440p Resolution



When we talk about game consoles resolution, we usually mean 1080p and 4K. However, the intermediate version – 1440p – has not been canceled. Until recently, Sony remained silent on whether the PlayStation 5 would support this resolution. Now the question has cleared up.

According to information portal IGN Italy, Sony has officially confirmed that the PS5 will not initially support 1440p. Those. you can connect a 1440p screen to your PS5. But at the output, you get a 1080p signal artificially boosted to 1440p.

For gamers looking to connect Sony’s next-gen gaming console to a TV, this shouldn’t be a problem. The vast majority of TVs support 1080p or 4K, 1440p TVs are extremely rare. Monitors are a different matter – many PC gamers use 1440p displays. And for them, the lack of support for such a resolution can be a decisive factor when choosing a new game console.

The lack of support for 1440p once again confirms that Sony does not seek to integrate its gaming products into the PC ecosystem, relying on the console + TV bundle.

Source: wccftech

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